Virtual Mindfulness Coaching

Are you interested in providing your employees the tools to lives a more mindful existence and be able to apply a more focused and joy-filled lens to their work? Bi-weekly Zoom Mindfulness sessions, especially in a time of working from home is a powerful, convenient & cost-effective way to connect your whole team and amplify their output.


Personal Coaching

I invite others to move from a state of mind and spirit that believes that they are always enough. My developed personal coaching method uses the image of a kaleidoscope. Translated from Greek, kaleidoscope means beautiful form watcher. So, through the ever changing, seemingly random spectrum of color and vibrancy, we learn to see the powerful beauty in our life each moment as we embrace change. I walk clients through four phases of personal progression: discovery, dream, design & destiny within our one-on-one virtual or in-person sessions.


Public Speaking

Within my 20 years of work in facilitation and leadership, I have gathered moving stories, social evidence and applicably inspiring material that be added to your personal development offering, conference, forum or retreat. On topics that range from mindfulness, meditation and wellness to leadership development, team building and navigating tough conversations, I am equipped to help manifest your vision for your next event.