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About Me

My name is J.C. Lippold and if we haven’t met yet, I have a feeling that we will sometime soon.

When asked, “What do you do?”, I most often answer the question by saying that I am a homemaker. We all know the power we possess when we feel at home. Right?

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“The pace of change is never going to be slower than it is today.”
~ Beth Comstock – Imagine it Forward


I invite others to move from a state of mind and spirit that believes that they are always enough.


I am equipped to help manifest your vision for your next event, your next public speaking.   


5K Everyday Conversations

It doesn’t take a lot to create a moment that nourishes and strengthens the body, the spirit, the mind.. #allthethings.
Everyday we hold a conversationally paced 5K that allows every person to embrace their capacity to move, to engage in conversation and to release the belief that “I am not a runner.”

Read about this Movement Movement in the Star Tribune (link).

MVMT Mindset

Through the Center of Movement, I have created MVMT Mindset to help you maximize the energy you put into the things you are passionate about. Subconsciously, we spend the majority of our mental energy unpacking the past and planning out the future. There is time for these things but our optimized action happens when we are poised and focused on the moment at hand. MVMT Mindset videos are on average 5 minutes long and offer a mindful moment of perspective, breathwork and physical stillness. These mindful moments will bolster your effectiveness and evoke the best that you possess. Beth Comstock, author of Imagine it Forward, shares that change is happening slower today than it is ever going to happen again…so, the value of mindful moments is exponentially increasing. The most radical thing you can do to bring your A Game every time is to stop…stop and shift your Mindset.

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5K Everyday Conversations

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